His Girlfriend’s Eating Habits Are So Completely Restrictive That He Hasn’t Been Able To Eat Anything He Actually Likes In A Year, And He Can’t Take It Anymore

He wants to eat lasagna, and he wants to eat hamburgers, but if he tries, his girlfriend attempts to make him feel bad over it.

“I have reached my limit,” he said. “I haven’t eaten something I like to eat in almost a year. I sat her down a few days ago and said I was going to start cooking things I want to eat.”

“I would still incorporate her favorite meals during the week, but some days I would cook stuff that I liked too.”

“She was furious. She said that it was unfair of me to cook something she doesn’t like, especially when she works long shifts and looks forward to dinner. She said that we both eat the healthy meals, whereas she would not eat the unhealthy meals, so I’d be selfish for cooking something that only one of us could eat.”

His girlfriend demanded that he make one meal for him and a separate meal for her each night going forward, but he stated that he didn’t think that was fair of her at all.

It’s a lot of work to cook one meal every night, let alone 2.

Additionally, he makes breakfast for them close to every day, and when his girlfriend goes to work, he makes her lunch to bring.

He reminded his girlfriend that she could try eating off the list of foods she likes, but she is the one making the decision not to do that.

His girlfriend was so upset at his way of wanting to handle this that she left their place to go stay with her mom and dad.

She’s currently calling him a jerk, along with her parents, for wanting to eat something outside of her food list.

“I just miss hot dogs and french fries,” he concluded before wondering if it’s wrong of him to no longer want to cook only super healthy food for his girlfriend.

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