This Woman’s Sister Did Not Like Her Baby Name Choice, So She Began Ranting In A Facebook Moms Group And Even Asked How To Change Her Mind - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

A twenty-four-year-old woman and her sister, who is thirty, are both pregnant at the same time.

Her sister already has a three-year-old daughter named Agatha and is expecting a boy this time. And, back in April, her sister announced her son’s name– Eugene– and told the entire family that they could feel free to use the name for any baby gifts.

She, on the other hand, decided not to “officially” announce her daughter’s name yet. Nonetheless, when her sister outright asked what she was planning to name her first daughter, she told her.

“It’s Oceana. And she was not impressed at all,” she recalled.

Instead, her sister actually began asking what was wrong with more traditional names like Elizabeth, Margaret, or Beatrice.

She told her sister that she had no problem with those names– but that they just are not for her and her husband.

Nonetheless, her sister did not quit and began suggesting even more alternative names– such as Haley, Emily, Marie, and Anna. So, she told her off.

“I told her to stop. We knew our girl’s name before we even knew she was a girl, and it was not going to change for her,” she said.

Still, though, her sister would not knock it off. Instead, she had the nerve to take to Facebook and share the name “Oceana” as well as her thoughts in a Facebook mom’s group. – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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