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His Sister Told His Girlfriend That She Can’t Be A Bridesmaid Because Of A Scar On Her Face And He Is So Upset That His Sister Went So Far Out Of Her Way To Be So Cruel

illustrissima - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

A guy has been dating his girlfriend for not that long now, and he says their relationship is still on the newer side of things.

His girlfriend does have a very noticeable, large scar on her face; it stretches across her cheek, and it’s from where she had a melanoma removed.

He doesn’t care about his girlfriend’s scar at all, but it is something that she is self-conscious about, and some days it doesn’t bother her, while other days, it makes her feel terrible.

“My sister is getting married soon,” he explained. “I’m not taking my girlfriend because a wedding with hundreds of guests and family is a lot of pressure for a brand new relationship, plus I had already RSVP’d that I was going alone before and bought my plane ticket back home before we were serious.”

Well, for some crazy reason, his sister cruelly took it upon herself to hunt up his girlfriend’s email from her job and send her a nasty message about why she isn’t invited to be a bridesmaid.

His sister outlined in her email that his girlfriend’s scar makes it impossible for her to be in the wedding party since it’s unsightly and renders her not photogenic at all.

The worst part about all of this is that his sister already picked all of her bridesmaids out more than a year ago, and there was no reason for her to go out of her way to send such an unnecessary message.

As soon as his sister got engaged, she decided who she wanted to be included in her special day, and his sister had not met his girlfriend then.

His sister wasn’t even aware that he was in a relationship, and she didn’t find out until after he had sent his RSVP in.

illustrissima – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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