In 2018, A Film Producer Working On The Set Of A Discovery Channel Show Mysteriously Vanished And Has Been Gone Ever Since

In October of 2018, twenty-six-year-old Terrence Woods, Jr. was one of the producers of the Discovery channel’s reality television series “Gold Rush.”

That month, he was on set in Orogrande, Idaho, working with a British film crew to document an abandoned gold mine, known as Penman Mine, near Idaho County.

But, while filming in the region– which is home to over eight thousand and five hundred square miles of mountainous terrain– Terrence suspiciously vanished.

Unfortunately, though, precisely what happened that fall day of October 5 still remains very unclear.

His father, Terrence Woods, Sr., created a GoFundMe campaign to share his understanding of what transpired and raise awareness about his son’s cold case.

“Up until this day, all I have received is several different stories,” Mr. Woods began.

According to some film crew members, Terrence began the day with a severe anxiety attack. Then, throughout the afternoon, his mental state was said to be irrational.

Terrence apparently even tried to grab a filming drone out of the sky with his own bare hands– to which other film crew members had to make him stop and tell him, “it could cut your fingers off.”

GoFundMe; pictured above is Terrence

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