She Decided To Cut Costs By Moving Into Her Honda Civic

For example, the TikToker explained how she was working full-time at TJ Maxx when she began living out of her car.

Then, she got a second job working part-time with butterflies before she was able to make that her full-time job.

And most recently, the TikTok community has fallen in love with Nikita’s account so much that the widespread support has been enough for her to quit her job altogether.

Now, she is a full-time content creator who relies on her social media revenue as income.

As for how Nikita finds safe places to park, she heavily relies on Google Maps.

She uses the “satellite view” to find a “nice neighborhood” before zooming in to see if other cars are parked on the street.

After all, she does not want to be alone as the only parked vehicle on the road.

Finally, Nikita goes to check out the neighborhood in person. And if it checks all of her boxes, she will stay the night.

To learn more about Nikita and how she makes living in her Honda Civic work, you can visit her account linked here.

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