She Made Her Husband Sleep In A Hotel For Telling Their 10-Year-Old Son That He Doesn’t Like Him As Much As The Daughter He Has From Another Marriage

“He’s always treated our son well, though, and loves him a lot,” she said. “Last night, he got home and told me he had a horrible day at work.”

“I understood and just gave him space. Our son was talking to him a lot, and my husband just ignored him. I was cooking dinner when he asked to play on his phone. My husband said yes and brushed him away.”

Their son was still playing with the phone when he accidentally let it slip into the sink where she was washing up the dishes.

She didn’t see it when it dropped in, and it sat there in the water for a good 10 seconds before she noticed it was in there.

She helped try to get the water off the phone, but it was clearly broken and not turning on after going for a dip.

Her husband absolutely freaked out and started screaming at their son, even though she attempted to intervene and calm him down.

“He was yelling at him for not being more careful and being stupid,” she continued.

“What set me off was when he told my son he loves his daughter more than him and that he’s always “messing up” and that he needs to be responsible like her.”

“He and I soon got into a fight, and I was screaming at him for saying something as horrible as that. Our son was crying at what his dad said, and my husband said he’s sorry, but he (son) always breaks his stuff.”

She was so furious at her husband that she kicked him out of the house and told him to sleep at a nearby hotel.

Her husband ended up leaving as she had asked, and she was left trying to help their son feel better after being told such an awful thing.

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