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She Unknowingly Thrifted A Lamp With A Shade That Appears To Be Covered In Old Blood

In her first update TikTok, she showed how the lampshade looks completely normal when not plugged in. Once illuminated, though, a ton of red stains appear.

Then, she tested one area of the shade with hydrogen peroxide. Once she applied the peroxide using a Q-tip, though, some of the splatter stains began to rub off onto the swab.

“I do not think that is good,” Paige said. She also asked the TikTok community what they thought about the peroxide test results.

And while no one could possibly provide Paige with a definitive answer, most continued to encourage her to bring the lampshade to authorities.

“That definitely looks like old blood,” commented one user.

“Call the cops, girl…” advised a second.

Eventually, Paige did get into contact with her local police last week and shared what happened in a final TikTok.

“After giving them all of the information, they do believe that it could be blood. But, they have decided not to follow up on it being that there is no way to place the lamp’s time period or location,” she began.

“It could be ten or fifteen years old. It could be from a garage, a shed, or a garage sale,” Paige continued.

“There is no way to tell where it came from. And with the amount of hands that have been on it, there is no way to place it.”

Nonetheless, the TikToker said that she does still plan to privately test the lampshade for blood. She simply wants to get some answers and “have peace of mind.”

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