She Was Missing Her Clothes When She Was Found Murdered In The Woods In 1989, And Her Case Has Remained Cold For Over 30 Years

Coleen Egland was born in Ohio before she moved to Fort Myers, Florida, as a teen. She grew up with three sisters and was always known as the “girly girl” in her family.

In fact, Coleen’s nickname was even “Miss America” because of how bright, bubbly, and full of life she was.

At twenty-two years old, she also gave birth to her daughter– Erica– who lived with her paternal grandparents in Michigan.

Just three years later, though, Coleen and her daughter would never see each other again.

On December 2, 1989, the mom was last spotted in the Gladiolus Drive region of Fort Myers. Investigators are unsure where exactly Coleen was seen and why she was in the area.

And her sister, Carrie Egland, was the first to realize something was terribly wrong. Their brother-in-law had attempted to call Coleen but could not get in touch with her.

It was later revealed that Coleen’s friends also had not heard from her, and Carrie immediately filed a missing person report.

Then, two weeks after her disappearance, the Lee County Sheriff’s Office received a call from a rest area patron who reported spotting a female body in the woods.

Crimestoppers; pictured above is Coleen

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