She Was Shot 4 Times In Her Own Driveway As She Was Getting Ready For A Garage Sale, And Although Her Murder Was Caught On Camera, Her Killer Has Never Been Identified

Elizabeth provided the driver– whom she likely suspected was a potential garage sale customer– with a friendly “good morning.”

But then, she was tragically blindsided after they quickly shot her three times. A fourth shot was also delivered point-blank before she tragically collapsed on her driveway.

Three of Elizabeth’s neighbors all heard the gunshots and quickly contacted 911. The incident was also caught on doorbell camera footage.

The suspect exited the neighborhood just three minutes before authorities could arrive, and their identity has remained unknown for over three years now.

Once first responders reached the scene at about 6:58 a.m., Elizabeth was airlifted to Memorial Hermann Hospital in Houston, Texas, and transported to the Shock Trauma ICU.

Unfortunately, though, she was ultimately placed on life support and lost her life due to severe injuries at just twenty-nine years old.

This wholly unexpected tragedy sent immense shock waves throughout the Tomball community, and authorities immediately launched an extensive investigation.

Officers reported beliefs that the suspect was likely wearing a disguise as well as boots and possibly a wig.

They were also driving a dark-colored Nissan Frontier Pro X4 Crew Cab– which had been tracked on numerous commercial cameras throughout the neighborhood before eventually being lost.

Sadly though, the Harris County Sheriff’s Office and the Barraza family are still left searching for answers after over three years.

In a press conference regarding Elizabeth’s case earlier this year, Harris County District Attorney Kim Ogg did reassure the public that investigators have not stopped searching for justice.

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