She’s Only Been Married For A Couple Of Months And She Just Snooped Through Her Husband’s Computer And Found Out He’s Still Following The Girl He Emotionally Cheated On Her With

fizkes - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

A 20-year-old girl got married to her husband, who is also 20, just a couple of months ago, and their relationship has hit a couple of speed bumps in the past.

She and her husband spent a couple of years dating on and off, but then they decided to commit. Despite their commitment to one another, they frequently broke up and got back together.

During one of their get-back-together phases, her husband revealed to her that he met another girl and fell in love with her while they were broken up.

“He couldn’t seem to let her go, and even after me and him got serious, he kept trying to get with this woman, only I think he kept her in the dark about me (he wasn’t super clear about his, but I think he was feeling guilty and trying to put some of the blame on her, but honestly I don’t even know what to believe),” she explained.

“I was…gutted. We almost broke up for good, only I put some stipulations in place about us being together and what he had to do to earn back trust (getting into therapy, not being in contact with her, and that sort of thing).”

Her husband put the effort in to show her he really was being a better person and a better partner to her.

Her husband made her feel like he would go out of his way to do anything she needed in order to remain with her, and it made her feel special.

Eventually, he did propose to her too, and that day was the most incredible moment of her whole life.

After getting engaged, it was pretty much rainbows and unicorns, though right before their wedding, they had some issues with money, yet they worked through it.

fizkes – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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