Meet Patrick, A Beer-Drinking Pony Who Also Happens To Be A Mayor In England

Patrick, a miniature shetland therapy pony from Devon, England, first won the hearts of locals after being born on March 17– St. Patrick’s Day.

Then, in true Irish fashion, Patrick and his owner– forty-two-year-old Kirk Petrakis– began frequenting a town bar known as the Drum Inn together.

In fact, Patrick has gone to the bar every single day to sip on some Guinness and chow down on carrots– his bar food of choice.

“The daily pub visit is all a part of his routine and is his highlight. He likes a sip of Guinness, and he has a carrot– that’s it,” Kirk explained.

And if you are wondering, well, why Guinness? It’s because Patrick was born on St. Patrick’s day, of course!

Apparently, the beer even packs some nutritional value, but it is likely nowhere near the shock value that Patrick provided community members with after drinking elbow-to-hoove with them.

Afterward, the pony quickly became revered as a small-town celebrity and then, out of nowhere, was thrust into politics.

In 2019, Cockington’s former mayor Don Mills passed away and the office vacancy perfectly aligned with Patrick’s rise to local fame.

Instagram; pictured above is Patrick

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