She Went Viral After Her Fiancé Signed A Legal Document Stating That If He Cheats, He Has To Pay All Her Bills

But, it has also utterly divided the TikTok community.

Some people believe that Chaylene’s idea was ingenious and literally applauded her thought process.

“This is by far the smartest thing I have ever heard,” commented one user.

“You have unlocked a part of the brain that not many people have access to,” joked a second.

“If he is not willing to sign something like this, then he already knows he will cheat. Smart girl,” suggested a third.

Nonetheless, other TikTok users think that the document is telling of Chaylene’s faith in her marriage.

“No trust already. Setting it up for failure…” wrote one user.

“Bro, where has trust gone these days? Now he is just going to be scared to cheat because of the prenup instead of not cheating out of love for you…” asked another commenter.

“If you feel like you need to do this, then you don’t need to get married,” said a third.

And all of this hate actually prompted Chaylene to create a more in-depth follow-up TikTok. There, she described how her past experiences had pushed her to take this extreme action in order to feel comfortable moving forward in marriage.

“We were making up some documents because I do have some trust issues. I financially have been screwed over so many times that I just– when it comes to money– I get scared, and I don’t trust easily about it,” she explained.

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