She Went Viral After Her Fiancé Signed A Legal Document Stating That If He Cheats, He Has To Pay All Her Bills

“So, since we are now engaged and doing things financially together, I just wanted both of us to have our backs. And we thought it would be a great idea to make sure that we both make some agreements and sign them together,” Chaylene continued.

And while the couple was making up these documents, she apparently made a joke to her fiancé about basically including a “cheating clause.” So, he actually did.

“I think it was super romantic and cute and cheesy, and it was literally just a joke. It’s not that deep, and it was just a cute little gesture that he did in our agreement,” Chaylene said.

Plus, she also underscored that any girl who wants to do it has a right to and is not crazy.

“Guess what? People cheat all the time, and girls waste their time. And time is money,” she added. Well said, Charlene.

And the TikTok community thought so, too– because this follow-up video gained another twenty-two thousand likes and prompted hundreds more supportive comments.

“This will now forever be my new standard. I will NOT settle!” wrote one user.

“Good for you, girl!” added a second.

Do you think that including a “cheating clause” before marriage is a smart way to go? Would you ever do this before tying the knot?

And to watch Chaylene’s original TikTok, you can visit the link here. Or, to watch her follow-up video, visit the link here.

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