She’s In Love With A Guy Who Spent 2 Decades In Jail, But Dating Him Is Proving To Be Turbulent

“5 months ago, he wanted to end things because he was “messed up in the head,” but wanted to ‘see how things go’ with me.”

“I find out he slept with “an ex” from 20+ years ago he’s been in communications with as a teen, before seeing me face to face to properly end things.”

So, although her boyfriend totally cheated on her, she felt it warranted giving him a second chance.

She justified giving him another chance by stating that he probably hasn’t learned how to properly have a functional relationship considering that he spent 20 years behind bars.

Additionally, her boyfriend then wanted to go on lunch dates with one of the women he met while he was in prison, which actually didn’t bother her at all.

But then, she asked to look at his messages with this friend one day, and although he agreed…

…He ripped his phone out of her hand as she was looking through the messages.

It turned out that her boyfriend was hiding the messages he had with his friend, as they had been dating one another around the same time that he dumped her to sleep with his ex.

Shady, right? Even shadier is that her boyfriend is still close to this other woman that he goes on lunch dates with.

Not too long ago, she did inform her boyfriend that she doesn’t like that he’s still friends with this woman, to which he immediately got “defensive,” and that launched an enormous argument between them.

“I love the guy,” she said. “Question: am I being over the top? Is this worth the effort? Am I giving too many allowances?”

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