Supremes Are The Latest Viral Baked Good Taking Over NYC, And They Offer The Best Of Croissants, Donuts, And Eclairs All In One

Now, hopeful customers have been lining up around the block to try the goodie– which costs $8.50.

Unfortunately, though, you have to get in line early if you want to snag a Supreme because inventory is extremely low compared to the demand.

In fact, the bakery only creates about two hundred and forty Supremes every day and makes them available for purchase twice a day– first at 8:00 a.m. and the second at 12:00 p.m.

But, if you are able to secure a good place in line, the Supreme will likely blow your socks off.

It is currently being offered in two flavors– chocolate and peaches n’ creme– and people online are going wild.

Mike Chau, a highly respected food blogger and critic, has even given his stamp of approval to the Supreme hype.

“Wow. The incredible Supreme from @Lafayette380 is one of the only things that really deserve the insane attention it is getting from viral TikToks. Too good,” Mike wrote in an Instagram post tagging the bakery.

So, if you are dying to try this mouth-watering treat, recruit a friend or two and get in line early– because the bakery reportedly sells out within forty-five minutes of each Supreme drop.

And to learn more about the Lafayette Grand Café and Bakery or stay updated on September’s flavor of the month, you can visit their Instagram account linked here.

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