This Southern California Reptile Zoo Is Home To Some Extremely Rare And Beautiful Species: Here Are A Few You Might Not Know About

If you live in southern California, you may have heard of The Reptile Zoo in Fountain Valley.

This famous sanctuary was founded by Jay Brewer in 2009 and is now home to hundreds of incredible reptile species ranging from snakes and lizards to frogs, tortoises, and more.

Over the past twenty years, the zoo has welcomed nearly two hundred thousand visitors from around the world and has offered over twenty thousand educational and interactive events to the public.

Moreover, The Reptile Zoo has been completely dominating social media. People from across the globe have loved learning about the history, care routine, and general life of the zoo’s animals on its TikTok account– which has since racked up over 11.4 million followers and gained a collective 156 million likes.

Plus, if you simply love looking at the adorable animals The Reptile Zoo has to offer, you could literally scroll through the account for days.

So, we wanted to save you some time and highlight our top three most exciting reptile picks.

No. 1: Helmeted Iguanas

First up is a pair of adorable helmeted iguanas whose heads are quite alien-like. They are native to Southern Mexico’s rainforest areas and are ambush predators.

TikTok; pictured above are the helmeted iguanas

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