As Soon As Her Boyfriend Found Out That She Had Photos Of Her Ex Still On Social Media, He Dumped Her On The Spot

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A young woman broke up with her long-term boyfriend in April after spending 5 years of her life with him.

In the year leading up to their breakup, things between her and him were not going well at all. She tried her best to make it all work out with him, but then she got to the point where she was really just done.

So, they split up, and now he’s her ex. She and her ex did purchase a house together, but he moved out when they broke up while she remained in the place.

“My ex and I have a mortgage together and have been slowly dealing with it,” she explained. “I paid for the down payment and all of the mortgage payments, but I needed him to get accepted for the mortgage, so it complicates things now in the breakup.”

A couple of weeks post-breakup, she organized meeting up with a guy she met on social media so they could make some music.

She never intended for this to be a date, though that’s what ended up happening. As soon as she met this guy in real life, the sparks flew, and she has never felt that kind of an intense connection with a guy ever before in her life.

She was really upfront with her new flame about how she still had a mortgage with her ex, so it was a bit complex.

This new guy didn’t care about that at all, and they decided to begin seeing one another seriously.

“I have a history of being distant and guarded, and it was something in my past relationships that ended up being detrimental,” she said.

SasaStock – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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