Her Daughter Pawned A Very Expensive Family Heirloom, So She Kicked Her Out Of The House

“The last straw for me was something that happened 3 weeks ago. Diane and Rosa have pieces of very expensive jewelry that they inherited from their dad’s mother after she passed away last year. The jewelry had been in the family for generations.”

“Whilst they were at school, their pieces of jewelry went missing from their rooms.”

As soon as Diane and Rose noticed that their jewelry had disappeared, they were beside themselves. She questioned Lucy about if she knew where the jewelry had gone, and Lucy swore that she had no clue what happened to it.

She kept pushing Lucy about the jewelry and even brought up the fact that Lucy is spending money like crazy, and Lucy cracked. Lucy owned up to stealing the jewelry out of Diane and Lucy’s rooms and pawning the pieces.

“Even though it was kind of obvious that it was Lucy, I was still shocked that she would do something like that,” she continued.

“I told Lucy that this is it and that I’m kicking her out. I told her that she needs to be out in 3 days. I didn’t think it was fair on Diane and Rosa to keep someone like Lucy around when she keeps causing chaos and destruction in our home, and I was also worried about Diane and Rosa being influenced by her. Lucy left the next day and went to go stay with my parents, who are saying I’m a horrible mother for kicking Lucy out and that I’m clearly playing favorites.”

This mom is left wondering if kicking Lucy out was the right thing to do. What do you think?

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