In 1989, This Maryland Teen Was Fatally Stabbed During Her Shift At A Clothing Store, And Her Supposed Killer Called To Confess Three Months Later

In 1989, Tracey Kirkpatrick of Frederick, Maryland, was known as a quiet and kind seventeen-year-old. She loved helping others, was passionate about writing, and dreamed of becoming a lawyer to assist those without the financial means to afford legal counsel.

So, during her senior year of high school, Tracey took on two jobs in order to afford her future college tuition. And one of her jobs was a sales clerk position at a clothing store known as Aileen’s Ladies Sportswear.

But, on the evening of March 15, 1989, Tracey began to wrap up a shift having no idea it would be her last.

She had been assigned to close the store that night before totaling up all of the receipts. So, by 8:45 p.m., Tracey was all alone just fifteen minutes before closing time.

Tragically, though, she never got to leave her shift and go home. Instead, two hours after the store was supposed to be locked up, a security guard noticed that all of the lights were still on in the store. Moreover, the front door was left unlocked.

Then, the guard went in to investigate, and, while combing the storage room, he found Tracey’s lifeless body. She had been fatally stabbed numerous times in the chest and back.

The guard immediately contacted police officers, who promptly arrived on the scene. And at about the same time, Tracey’s parents got to the store. They had gone searching for their daughter after she had never arrived home.

And sadly, Tracey’s mother had to hear the words no parent ever wants to dream of.

Facebook; pictured above is Tracey

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