Her Ex-Husband Is Getting Married To The Woman That He Cheated On Her With, And She’s Declining To Take Their Daughter To The Wedding

In exchange, she needed her ex to get Joceline to and from the wedding.

She had no interest in accompanying Joceline, as she knows it would be too upsetting for her to see things like the decor and the excited guests.

She did leave out the part about why she couldn’t bring herself to go with Joceline, but her ex just accepted her answer.

Well, last week, her ex called her to ask if she could get Joceline to his wedding, as he now needs to go pick up his fiancée’s parents from the airport the same morning as his wedding.

She declined to do this and questioned him about why he couldn’t pick Joceline up a day early.

His response was that he would not like to drive out there twice, and he also won’t have time as he needs to be at his rehearsal dinner.

She then wanted to know why his fiancée couldn’t get Joceline, to which he said she would be running around getting her makeup and hair done.

“I laughed and told him there was no way I’d take my daughter and that he’d have to figure it out,” she said.

“Boy, why did I say that? My daughter ran downstairs crying, face beet red 10 minutes after my conversation with her dad, calling me terrible and accusing me of not wanting her to spend time with her dad.”

“I told her that’s not the case, and she demanded to know why I couldn’t take her; I couldn’t give her an answer, and she ran upstairs crying. Now I’m getting messages from his family calling me “heartless” and “cold”…for trying to “ruin his special day over a relationship that is long over.”

Her family completely gets where she is coming from, though it isn’t making her feel any better about everything.

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