She Picked Going To Her Son’s Ex-Girlfriend’s College Graduation Instead Of Going To His Ceremony

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A mom has a son who had a best female friend in middle school, and as soon as he hit high school, he began dating this friend of his.

Her son’s girlfriend had a really bad home life, and so she wound up including her son’s girlfriend in everything they did together as a family.

She invited her son’s girlfriend out to dinner with them, and she also invited her son’s girlfriend on their family vacations.

During the holidays of her son and her son’s girlfriend’s senior year of high school, her son’s girlfriend shockingly revealed to her that her parents were going to kick her out of their home after she graduated.

Her son’s girlfriend then asked if she could stay at their house when she started her first semester of college, as she still had to try to find housing close to campus.

She said yes, but on the literal day that her son’s girlfriend was about to move into their house, her son dropped some major news on her.

Her son mentioned that he was not together with his girlfriend since he moved on to her best friend.

When she questioned her son about where his now ex-girlfriend would be living, he brushed it off and said it really was not his problem anymore.

He then claimed that his ex-girlfriend was “a lot of work” to date and she was “needy.”

Studio Romantic – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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