Her Husband Called Her Unhinged For Wanting To Tell His Daughter That He Placed A Tracking Device In The Car He Purchased For Her 18th Birthday

Her husband insisted he installed the tracking device so he could protect Christine, and he again reiterated to her that she should mind her own business and that she didn’t buy the car. She accused her husband of not being reasonable, and she informed him that she would announce to Christine at her birthday party that there was a tracking device in the car.

Her husband is waiting for Christine’s party to pass her the keys to the car, and this is the moment she would choose to tell Christine if she had things her way. When she let her husband know that she would tell Christine, he couldn’t believe it. He got angry and that because Christine is his daughter and not hers, she had no right to intervene.

Her husband kept going though and cut her deep when he stated that she could have her own kids if she wanted to be a parent, and that really hurt her as she is infertile and can’t have kids.

“We argued about it, and I said I’d still tell her,” she said. “He called me unhinged and said I get no say nor do I have the right to get involved whatsoever. Just stay out of it, he kept repeating.”

“I consulted my mom, and she agreed it was none of my business. She told me to stay out of it and not try to stir drama and cause scenes. She said I should know better and stay on my husband’s side since stepkids are always flippant. I’m torn on this, but I’m still insisting on it.”

She’s left wondering if it would be wrong to tell Christine about the tracking device in her car. Do you think she should say something, or should she be quiet?

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