Her Husband Called Her Unhinged For Wanting To Tell His Daughter That He Placed A Tracking Device In The Car He Purchased For Her 18th Birthday

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A 36-year-old woman got married to her husband 3 years ago, and he has a daughter named Christine from a previous relationship.

Christine’s mom sadly passed away, and Christine doesn’t get along great with her husband. Her husband is kind of a helicopter parent, which doesn’t help things at all.

For example, one thing her husband forced Christine to do recently was dump her boyfriend after it came out that he had several health issues.

In contrast with her husband, Christine actually gets along wonderfully with her. Christine even mentioned that she felt that she was “like a second mom,” and that meant the world to her.

Since her husband is controlling of Christine, it really has made Christine drift apart from him. Christine is about to turn 18, and her husband had planned on throwing her an enormous party in an effort to get back in Christine’s good graces.

Her husband also just purchased Christine the car of her dreams as her birthday present and also in an attempt to win Christine over.

After her husband bought Christine a car, Christine started to get along better with him, but there’s one huge issue: the car has a secret tracking device that her husband installed.

“2 days ago, I overheard him speaking with a friend of his about installing a tracking device in the new car,” she explained.

“I was stunned. I brought it up with him later at night and told him how wrong this was. He said it was none of my business, but I told him that if and when Christine finds out, then there’s going to be trouble.”

gpointstudio – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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