Her Husband Is A Professional Athlete Who Just Told Her He Slept With Multiple Women Recently, So She Should Probably Get Tested

Although he got down on his knees and pleaded with her not to leave him, she did leave. After spending some time in the hotel, she moved into an investment property that they own, and that has sat untouched.

“He’s been texting and saying that he couldn’t handle the temptation but that everybody around him is cheating, and it is hard,” she continued.

“He also claimed that he fell for the words of superstitious teammates and acted out due to his anxiety. I’m friends with other girlfriends/ wives of athletes, and they said that they just accepted that all men cheat or something along those lines.”

“Or that sports turn everybody into narcissists and that I was not physically there to validate him, so he strayed. I feel like a fool for believing he would remain faithful.”

She’s left feeling like a failure, especially since her parents have made it through marriage for decades, and in contrast, her husband couldn’t handle being faithful to her for a few years. She’s not really sure what to do.

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