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Her Husband Is A Professional Athlete Who Just Told Her He Slept With Multiple Women Recently, So She Should Probably Get Tested

She also isn’t able to fly out to the city he’s in to be with him that frequently, but she never thought that was a problem.

Her husband enjoys having money to spend as well as spending time with his teammates, so she figured everything was going great for him and for their marriage.

Over time, her intuition told her that there was something off with her husband, but the feeling did not come on suddenly; it came on gradually.

In the beginning, when her husband turned pro, they FaceTimed literally all the time. As time went on, though, that happened less and less.

When she did speak to him on video, he was not really paying attention to her. Sometimes, he would say his camera wasn’t working, and sometimes the room he was in was strangely dark.

When he came home, he was frequently distracted and on his phone. He was also somewhat secretive about what he was doing on his device.

Several days ago, her husband revealed to her that she should probably get tested, as he had cheated on her with multiple women.

“I told him I was leaving and changing the locks unless he came clean about how many women he had slept with,” she said.

“He put his head down and said besides the married woman (who he did give me the name of), he slept with three other girls, two he met at the club and one he met at a hotel.”

“He said that his cheating had nothing to do with me, and when I asked if he just wasn’t satisfied with marriage anymore, he quickly said no, and he loved our marriage- he wanted to grow old with me and have a family.”

Obviously, his actions don’t make it seem like he wants to be with her forever, and she packed her bags to go to a hotel room.

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