Her Sister-In-Law Is Mad At Her For Taking Off Her Niece’s Makeup After She Realized It Didn’t Match Her Skin Tone At All

Carlos David - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

A 24-year-old girl went to her cousin’s wedding reception a weekend ago, and there were not too many guests in attendance for the ceremony.

Her cousin invited her parents, her husband’s parents, their siblings, and a handful of friends to the ceremony.

Her cousin did invite way more people to the reception, and she had a great time there. Her 12-year-old niece named Beth also was invited to the reception, but as soon as she saw her, she realized something was really wrong with her makeup.

“She was wearing what looked like a full face of makeup, but as soon as we arrived, I noticed her foundation was nowhere near her shade,” she explained.

“Beth is very pale, and the foundation was an orange-brown type shade. I pulled Beth to one side where no one could hear and quietly asked her if she was aware her foundation wasn’t her shade.”

“She said she wasn’t, she hadn’t looked in a mirror, and that her mom did her makeup.”

She pulled Beth into the nearest bathroom and whipped out a couple of makeup wipes. She proceeded to wipe away Beth’s awful foundation, but she did leave Beth’s eye makeup.

She and Beth then returned to the reception, and Beth said thank you for helping her with her makeup.

She and Beth then made a few jokes about the makeup disaster throughout the evening, and she figured everything was fine.

Carlos David – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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