In 1996, This Graduate Student Was Traveling To Visit Her Mom But Never Showed: Then, Her Car Was Discovered Abandoned, Her Remains Were Found In A Field, And Her Family Believes A Known Serial Killer Was The Perpetrator

And after Alicia never returned home, authorities deployed a roadblock on the highway the following day to canvas for any witnesses. The effort did not come up dry.

In fact, a few people claimed to have seen Alicia pulled over on the side of Route 29, speaking with a man who drove a blue pickup truck.

The man was described as being between thirty-five and forty-five years old at the time. He was of medium build, stood between five foot ten and six feet tall, and had medium to light brown hair.

Plus, at least twenty additional women later came forward and shared their own experiences with the man. Apparently, while they were driving down Route 29, he kept trying to get them to pull over their cars.

The man reportedly tried flashing his lights, honking and even yelling at the women that he was having trouble with his car.

A few of the women claim they did pull over but that the man directed them to a pay phone. Others reported that they simply ignored him and, once the man realized, he raced away angrily.

However, one woman’s run-in with the man ultimately forced the police to consider that they had a potential serial killer on their hands.

The woman described how, just one week before Alicia’s disappearance, she had been driving home when the man approached her. This time, though, he claimed that her car was unfit to drive and offered the woman a ride home.

She ultimately accepted, but just a few minutes into the drive, the man began attacking her. Thankfully, the woman was able to escape from his pickup truck even though she did break her ankle in the process.

This terrifying tale pushed authorities to believe that the man was a serial killed attempting to perfect his future encounters and attacks on women. Moreover, they believe that Alicia encountered the same man and fell victim to a ruse that sparks had been flying under her car.

Then, two months later, on May 7, a local resident noticed vultures in a field about fifteen miles away from where Alicia had vanished before realizing they were flocking to a woman’s remains.

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