Her Niece Compared Her Dog To Her Deceased Daughter, So She Screamed And Sent Her Niece Home

Africa Studio - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

Last year, this woman tragically lost her daughter in a car accident. Her daughter was just fifteen years old at the time.

And ever since then, she and her family have been consumed with grief. She has not even been able to go into her daughter’s room or clean it for a year now. Plus, her husband has not been able to either.

So, they just keep her daughter’s bedroom door closed at all times while trying to heal from the grave loss.

“I don’t go anywhere except work anymore. And even though I am in therapy, it is not helping very much,” she also revealed.

But just last week, her niece, who is seventeen, went over to her house and really struck an emotional cord.

“My niece has always been extremely empathetic to animals but apathetic to other people,” she prefaced.

And apparently, her niece’s dog sadly died about two years ago. At the time of the pup’s passing, her niece was understandably torn up. And the grief remained for a couple of months.

But ever since, her niece has entirely moved on from the loss. Nonetheless, her niece recently tried to compare the dog’s death to her daughter’s. Yikes.

It all began when her niece was supposed to sleep over. So, her husband made up a bed on the couch.

Africa Studio – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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