This Mom Sadly Was On Vacation When She Suffered From An Accident That Left Her With Third-Degree Burns

A family is asking for support and funds after their mother was in a horrific bonfire accident that resulted in life-threatening third-degree burns on her body.

Tami Chmielewski is a single mother of four who lives in Arizona. She was recently on vacation with friends for a wedding celebration in Minneapolis, Minnesota. On Sunday, August 28th, Tami had an accident involving a bonfire.

Although no specific details on what happened near the bonfire have been released by the family, her daughter Brooklyn Hardwick writes on a GoFundMe page that the accident was “life-altering” and that Tami suffered burns on 30% of her body.

Tami was transferred to Hennepin County Medical Center in Minnesota, where doctors estimate it may take her at least six months to recover.

“A lot of therapy physically and mentally will need to take place over the next months and years to recover from this,” writes Brooklyn on a GoFundMe page for Tami.

The entire family has been distraught over Tami recovering in Minnesota while her children are at home in Arizona, longing for their mom to be home.

The GoFundMe page that Brooklyn created has been filled with updates from the family regarding Tami’s condition. The poor woman has been through so much!

Tami has had skin graft procedures, where doctors have taken the skin from her back to take care of some of the worst burns on her body, which Brooklyn writes are on her legs.

GoFundMe; pictured above is Tami

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