Apparently, The Person Who Owns The Car That Princess Diana Sadly Passed Away In Would Like It Back

It would be an understatement to say that Princess Diana of Wales was one of the most famous people in the world.

Not only was she a princess, but she was a doting mother, activist, a 90’s fashion icon, and more. To this day, people of all generations know of Princess Diana and have seen her impact in all kinds of ways.

When she tragically died in a horrific car accident in France 25 years ago, the world was stunned. She was only 36 years old.

Recently, the UK news publication The Mirror released an ‘exclusive’ report and interview with Jean-Francois Musa, the owner of the car that the princess had died in. He says that he wants it back.

At the time of the accident, Jean-Francois ran a company called Etoile Limousines, which had a contract with the Paris Ritz hotel, the hotel that Diana’s partner Dodi Fayed owned.

Jean-Francois still claims that the car is legally his and that he wants it back.

“I have no idea where the car is,” he told the Mirror. “All I know is it is legally mine, and obviously, I want it back. It should have been returned by now, but that hasn’t proved possible. I always owned it outright. It wasn’t subject to any financing.”

The car, a Mercedes-Benz S280, is now worth approximately 10 million British pounds, equal to over $11,500,000.

Ronald Reagan Library; pictured above Princess Diana dances with John Travolta at the White House

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