California Firefighters Come To The Rescue After A 13-Year-Old Blind Pup Fell Into A 15-Foot Deep Hole

On September 21, firefighters in Pasadena, California, came to the rescue after a blind pup tragically fell into a construction site hole.

The dog, named Cesar, is 13-years-old and lives next to an active construction site in the city.

And according to Cesar’s owner, Mary, she first realized that Cesar was no longer on her property after her other dog began barking.

Then, Cesar responded to her calls, but his bark indicated that he was much further away than her yard.

So, she contacted the Pasadena Fire Department, who promptly arrived on the scene and launched a search for the pup.

Cesar was ultimately found at the bottom of a fifteen-foot deep and three-foot wide hole at about 7:00 p.m. It was concluded that he must have wandered onto the construction site and fallen into the hole.

“He is an old dog, but he is still very curious and adventurous,” Mary said of Cesar to ABC7.

But, the firefighter’s work was far from over– since the confined space presented a multitude of challenges for the rescue effort.

Twitter; pictured above is Cesar after being rescued

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