Her Boyfriend Revealed To Her That He’s Envious Of The Money She Makes And Spends, So She Feels That She Can’t Celebrate Her Success With Him

Liubov Levytska - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

A 25-year-old girl is dating a guy the same age as her, and they started going out back in college. After graduation, she got a job in the industry she wanted to be in, and her boyfriend decided to go to grad school.

Well, she’s really been able to move up fast in her career, and her boyfriend has been by her side, cheering her on the entire time.

That all changed, though, when she got a major promotion not too long ago. Her boyfriend took her out to get dinner to celebrate her accomplishments, and everything seemed to be alright.

But then, she and a couple of her friends wanted to go on vacation together since they all work super hard and wanted to take a bit of a break.

She and her friends asked for a week off from work, and off they all went for their girls’ trip.

“It was honestly the best trip of my life,” she explained. “I excitedly tell my boyfriend all about it, and his response was not what I expected.”

“He was very quiet and, after a pause, told me that he was jealous of my friends and me being so productive and being able to go on trips like these. He’s been focusing entirely on saving money right now, and I don’t think he likes how I can feel comfortable spending a few hundred on an annual trip.”

“He brought up the dinner he took me on and a camping trip we went on and said we can’t do those anymore.”

She does support her boyfriend doing what he wants with his money and his time, and she does get why he’s feeling envious of her trip.

Liubov Levytska – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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