His Girlfriend Has Said That Nothing Makes Her Happy Except For Him, And He Feels That This Is A Crushing Amount Of Responsibility To Bear

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A guy is currently in a relationship with his girlfriend, and although he has his own life outside of her, she has basically made him her entire life.

And although he enjoys spending time by himself, it never really works out that he has any alone time, as his girlfriend will constantly ask to come by, and he doesn’t want to offend her by telling her she can’t.

On top of all of this, his girlfriend has made it very clear to him that nothing makes her happy at all except for him.

“When she’s not with me, she has literally said in her own words, “She just lays in a dark room and waits for me,” he explained.

He is in love with his girlfriend, but carrying the burden of being her only source of happiness is proving to be a crushing amount of responsibility for him, and it’s also getting to be exhausting.

“I really love her,” he said. “But her need to be with me coupled with her deep-rooted insecurity and anxiety makes it so she lashes out at me anytime I don’t want to spend 24 straight hours together.”

One of the most recent incidents that outlines his girlfriend’s insecurity and need to be with him involves a family poker night.

His family was getting together to play poker, and even though he did ask his girlfriend to come, she said she didn’t feel comfortable going with him.

She mentioned that she felt that his family hates her, which they don’t, and he tried to reassure her by saying she had not a single thing to be insecure about.

Cookie Studio – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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