She Hasn’t Even Graduated From College Yet, But She’s Already Slashing The Stigma Surrounding Women In Sports Broadcasting

Emmy currently attends the University of Toronto, where she is studying journalism in hopes of becoming a sports broadcaster. Aside from her studies, she also currently works at TSN’s Sportscentre as a story editor and at FIFA as a media operations team leader.

Despite not yet officially graduating with her degree or entering the journalism field full-time, though, Emmy has still been subjected to the same old tired beliefs and derogatory comments about women in sportscasting.

But rather than letting that deter her from pursuing her dream, Emmy has used the stereotype to fuel her fire and work harder. On top of that, she has taken to social media– specifically TikTok– to share her experiences and encourage other women who are thinking of getting into sports journalism.

Most recently, Emmy posted a video on TikTok sharing just a few of the gender-discriminatory phrases that have been shared in the media regarding women sportscasters.

“Special football broadcasts are to be handled mostly by men,” one read.

“Women are ruining fantasy football,” said another.

“It’s funny to hear a female talk about routes,” read a third.

Then, Emmy compiled various images of herself working both in the broadcast studio and on the sidelines. And she is totally killing it.

“Change is coming. This is what motivates us,” Emmy captioned the video, which seriously resonated with the TikTok community. It garnered over one hundred and thirteen thousand views, gained nearly twenty-five thousand likes, and spurred hundreds of comments.

“I got CHILLS watching this. As a woman who tried to make it in sports reporting but became discouraged by the culture, I am so proud of you,” commented one user.

“I dreamed of being a sports broadcaster for the NHL, and I was so scared to not be taken seriously as a female. You are so inspiring!” wrote a second user.

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