She’s A Professional Golfer Who Captured Infuriating Footage Of A Guy Trying To Give Her Advice At The Driving Range, And The Mansplaining Sparked Outrage Online

ty - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

As women, we all know what mansplaining is. Every single one of us has probably experienced it firsthand. It can happen to any woman, especially those who are experts in their field.

Recently, one example of mansplaining arose after Georgia Ball (@georgiagolfcoach) posted a video of herself on Instagram while at a driving range.

Ball is a professional golf coach and golf player on the PGA tour. In the viral clip, Ball was recording herself practicing her swing when a stranger walked up to her and proceeded to offer her some unsolicited advice on how to improve her technique.

After Ball took a swing, a man’s voice could be heard in the background saying, “Excuse me.” In response, Ball turned around to listen to what he had to say. She became perplexed when she realized he was attempting to give her golfing tips.

He pointed out what she was doing wrong, stating that she was “going too slow on the way up.” She explained that she was implementing a change to her swing, but he kept interrupting her.

“What you’re doing there is coming back too slow. I’ve been playing golf for 20 years. What you need to do is follow through a lot quicker than you are doing right now,” the man said.

Ball looked at the camera in disbelief while maintaining her composure during the entire interaction. Then, she took another shot, which the man tried to take credit for. He told her that the shot was much better than her previous one and encouraged her to keep following his advice.

The clip sparked a lot of outrage online. In the comments section, several people praised Ball for the way she handled the situation. Many others criticized the man for sticking his nose where it doesn’t belong and questioned if he would have shared the same advice had Ball been a man.

“Just asking. Do male complete strangers offer advice to other male players at the driving range? Could it be an age thing or mansplaining?” inquired one person.

ty – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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