She Is Facing The World With Acne And Hopes That Sharing Her Experiences On Social Media Will Empower Others To Do The Same

The odds are that if you have gone through puberty, then you have woken up to a red, swollen, and painful bump on your face at one point or another.

It does not matter if you have oily skin, dry skin, or even a combo complexion– pimples are just a normal part of growing up.

So, why is it that having acne is so looked down upon in society? After all, up to fifty million Americans deal with it every single year– and the condition often persists into adulthood.

Yet, going to a party, attending work, or even posting a photo online without airbrushed-looking skin is seen as a total faux pas.

This pushes people, especially women, to turn to expensive high-coverage makeup products in hopes of concealing the bumps.

And even though these products might help the “problem” visually, constantly putting makeup on breakouts will only clog pores further and lead to more pimples underneath the mask.

So, what can we do to stop this never-ending cycle of shame and concealment? Well, for one woman in her twenties named Kyrie Green, the solution is transparency.

Kyrie is from the UK and openly talks about her experience with acne on her Instagram account @Kyrie_G_. She discusses the stigmas surrounding swelling, redness, and bumps while sharing photos of her bare face.

Instagram; pictured above is Kyrie

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