She Is Facing The World With Acne And Hopes That Sharing Her Experiences On Social Media Will Empower Others To Do The Same

“Since I broke out, I hated when people referred to their skin as ‘bad,’ whether they had severe acne or even woke up with a bit of texture,” Kyrie began in one Instagram post where she displayed a side-by-side of her face with and without makeup on.

“It made me feel like there was something inherently wrong with me; that all my negative thoughts about how I looked were true.”

So now, Kyrie’s goal is to share her bare face with the world and feel beautiful while doing it. And if she can influence enough people to feel good in their own skin, perhaps societal expectations will change.

“They will tell you acne is ugly, and they will tell you it’s not normal. I need you to ignore that because it’s not true,” Kyrie wrote in another post.

“Forget all the people who tell you that acne can’t look good. Forget friends and family who tell you that covering up acne is the only option. Forget society and its weird, unrealistic beauty standards. You deserve more than that.”

And since Kyrie began to share her acne journey on Instagram in 2020, her account has grown to nearly thirty-two thousand followers. Clearly, more acne positivity is needed on social media– and Kyrie’s message is resonating with the masses.

“It takes a lot to be brave enough to face the world with acne. You have inspired me to be unashamed of the skin I am in,” commented one of Kyrie’s followers.

“You are helping so many people feel seen, heard, and normal,” wrote another follower.

Kyrie does not just share her perspective on the mental battle against acne, either. She also tries out skincare products regularly and keeps the community updated on what works for her and what doesn’t.

Most recently, Kyrie shared the products that have been saving her skin from pain and dryness this October as the weather chills up. Some include Cetaphil moisturizing lotion, Selfless by Hyram exfoliating serum, and Curél night moisturizer.

Still, though, while Kyrie hopes that skincare will help her complexion feel better, she always reminds her followers to appreciate the skin their in along the journey.

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