She Went From Testing Beauty Products On TikTok To Releasing Her Own Makeup Line

Would you ever consider quitting your job to pursue content creation full-time? One TikTok user is taking the beauty world by storm and has a fantastic back story with her awesome content.

If you haven’t already seen Mikayla Nogueria on your For You Page, get ready to fall in love with her.

Mikayla is a 24-year-old make-up artist from Massachusetts, where she gets her super strong, now famous accent. She has over 13 million followers on TikTok, where she first went viral. But how did she get her start?

Mikayla was working at Ulta Beauty when she made her first viral TikTok video. She participated in the trending ‘Catfish Challenge,’ where people film themselves before and after putting on make-up to show how different they can make themselves look.

The video blew up, and from there, Mikayla decided to make more videos about beauty and make-up that earned her a ton of followers over time.

“Creating TikToks is very easy for me,” said Mikayla in an interview for Vogue. “My mind is constantly overflowing with ideas. I make sure to diversify my content as much as I can to keep my audience interested…But mainly, I am inspired by one thing: make-up!”

In October 2020, Mikayla left her job at Ulta Beauty and dropped out of college to make TikTok videos full-time.

In one of her videos, she describes it as the “scariest day” of her life. She didn’t think she would even reach one million followers, let alone 14 million.

TikTok; pictured above is Mikayla in one of her videos

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