She’s Refusing To Take In Her Stepbrother And His Family, Who Offered To Pay A Sizable Rent, And Have Nowhere Else To Go, Because Of How He Bullied Her During Childhood

So now, at 28-years-old, she has lived alone in her grandparent’s house ever since. And it was quite peaceful for a while.

Well, that was until Ben reached out and tried to weasel himself back into her life.

For context, she had tried to speak to Ben numerous times over their adult years about how much his constant bullying impacted her. Despite all of the conversations, though, Ben never owned up to his behavior.

He just tried to downplay her experiences and claimed that even if he was that cruel, he was “just a kid.”

So, she was sick and tired of trying to get through to Ben and cut communication with him about two years ago.

Just recently, though, she received a random social media DM from Ben explaining how he and his family are about to get evicted from their home. He did not reveal what exactly happened there, but apparently, no other renters will accept Ben and his family’s application to be a tenant.

Well, one renter was willing to accept Ben– but the house is located in a dangerous area, and he does not want his 6-year-old daughter living there.

So anyway, that left her as Ben’s last resort option– especially since she has a big 3-bedroom house with a large yard and garage.

And because she lives alone, Ben was hoping that his daughter, Adeline, could take one bedroom. Then, he and his wife could live in the second extra bedroom.

Apparently, he also offered to cough up a pretty sizable rent for her hospitality. Still, though, there was no way that she wanted to live with her bully of a stepbrother.

She ended up telling Ben no and detailed how living with him would just make her super uncomfortable. Again, though, Ben tried to justify his actions by saying that the bullying was in the past.

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