She Vanished In 2017, Leaving Most Of Her Belongings Behind, And Has Not Been Seen Since

In 2017, Leanne Cleo Eller was a forty-year-old mother from Humboldt County, California.

She had a boyfriend who owned a home off Twin Trees Road, which is located in the Benbow area, and Leanne had been living with him for about two years.

But, on July 26 that year, Leanne’s mother got the dreaded phone call that no parent ever wants to receive.

According to Leanne’s boyfriend, Leanne had left their property on July 15– over two weeks before– leaving most of her personal belongings behind. And he had not seen her since.

This prompted him to reach out to Leanne’s mother and ask if anyone in the Eller family had heard from her.

Sadly, though, Leanne and her mother had last communicated via text on July 11– just a few days before she disappeared.

So, after receiving the news, her mother immediately contacted the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office and filed a missing person report.

However, Leanne’s case has not seen much progression or received a lot of media coverage since. Instead, she has remained missing for five years now, the public has gained little information about authorities’ casework, and the Eller family has been forced to continue their search for answers.

Facebook; pictured above is Leanne

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