She’s Refusing To Take In Her Stepbrother And His Family, Who Offered To Pay A Sizable Rent, And Have Nowhere Else To Go, Because Of How He Bullied Her During Childhood - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

When this woman was 10-years-old, her mother got married to her stepfather, Nick. And right afterward, she was basically kicked to the familial curb since her mother also gained a new stepson, Ben.

In fact, her mom was never loving or involved in her life anymore after the marriage. Instead, Ben became the center of her mom’s world.

“There were pictures of my mother, Nick, and Ben all over the house, but none of me. They found any excuse to have ‘family time’ without me,” she recalled.

And sadly, her mother seemingly only iced her out because of her father. One day, her mom even said it was actually hard to love her just because of how much she looked like her dad.

On top of that, her mother and Nick would constantly make rude comments about how she was going to turn out to be a failure and embarrassment, just as her father had.

Not to mention, her stepbrother, Ben, also treated her terribly. But Nick never intervened and corralled his son; instead, Nick just said it was her responsibility to respect Ben. Go figure.

This ultimately meant that her only support system growing up was her paternal grandparents. And she loved them more than anything.

“They supported me unconditionally. They helped with my college, and I moved in with them after graduation,” she explained.

Three years ago, though, her grandparents sadly passed away. But, her grandparents still showed one final act of care by leaving her their home. – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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