After A Guy Fat-Shamed Her, She Got Back At Him By Texting His Dad In What Has To Be One Of The Best Acts Of Revenge

What’s the best kind of revenge to get on someone who has wronged you? Maybe reaching out to set up a date with their dad is the newfound best way to go.

This is the approach that TikToker @milareallysings took when getting back at some guy who bullied her online. In her short fifteen-second TikTok video, she explains that somebody contacted her just to fat-shame her. She came up with the best way to deal with this disaster.

“So some dude decided to fat shame, so I texted his dad,” she captioned her video.

She wanted to bring the receipts of her decision to the table to show her viewers just how to enact this same method, should they ever find themselves in the same, or in a similar, situation.

“I wanted to show y’all the screenshots,” she wrote. “It looks like I’m gonna be his new step mommy.”

She then proceeded to provide the most amazing conversation that she had with this guy’s dad. It’s much more intense than anyone would ever expect.

She opened the conversation as anyone would: “Is this Gavin’s father?”

He was confused by the intrusion, demanding to know who was contacting him. She sent him a really good picture of herself in response.

TikTok; pictured above is @milareallysings in her video

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