Last Year, She Was Last Seen Walking Around Her Tiny Town, But Then She Disappeared

Twenty-seven-year-old Olivia Fowler grew up with her sister, Roxanne, in Woodbury, Georgia– a tiny town within Meriwether County.

But, despite the small town having just one grocery store and not many other attractions, the pair of sisters always found ways to have fun.

“We would drive around in the car, listen to music,” Roxanne recalled in an interview with NBC.

Then, once reaching adulthood, Olivia and her sister only grew closer after they realized they were expecting children at the same time. The young mother then went on to have two more children and absolutely adored her family.

“Olivia never had many friends; she was just always a family person,” Roxanne said.

So, when Olivia mysteriously disappeared on August 13, 2021, her loved ones were immediately concerned.

Roxanne last saw her sister the morning before, on August 12, while she was getting ready for work. And according to her, Olivia seemed just fine.

They had both been at their mother’s home, and Olivia had asked to use Roxanne’s phone to listen to music. But Roxanne was running late for work, so she told her sister she had to go. And the last thing Roxanna told Olivia was that she loved her before leaving the house.

Facebook; pictured above is Olivia

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