After He And His Wife Ended Up Homeless And Moved In With His Friend, His Wife Had The Audacity To Ask His Friend To Remove A Photo In The House That Made Her Uncomfortable

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A 32-year-old guy and his 28-year-old wife named Dahlia recently lost their apartment a couple of months ago.

After finding themselves homeless, they tried living with his mom. Unfortunately, there ended up being some problems between Dahlia and his mom, so he then asked his friend Anthony if he and Dahlia could live with him.

He figured if he and Dahlia could spend some time under Anthony’s roof, it would give them the ability to save up more money and find another place to rent.

Anthony did say yes to him and Dahlia moving in for a bit, and when they moved in with Anthony, he mentioned that his wife was out of town spending time with her family.

“FYI, Dahlia is very shy around Anthony,” he explained. “She grew up in a conservative home and so it’s understandable, but sometimes it can be a bit much I admit that!”

“For example, she freaked out when she accidentally drank from his glass, she also once made a fuss when he passed by the guest room when she was lying down, and the door was open. Thankfully, Anthony was super understanding, and we were able to talk some of these issues out.”

“Last night, Dahlia was passing the hall and noticed a framed picture of Anthony and his wife kissing hanging on the wall. She told me about it and said it made her uncomfortable. She asked if I could speak to Anthony about it, but he didn’t take it well.”

When he brought the photo up to Anthony, Anthony could not believe they were even having a conversation about it.

Anthony proceeded to say that his wife had wanted the photo there in their home and that the photo was special to both him and his wife.

WavebreakMediaMicro – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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