Her Brother Expects Her To Hand Over Her Grandmother’s Engagement Ring So He Can Propose To His Girlfriend, But She Doesn’t Want To Give This To Him At All

Tim - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual ring

A woman’s grandma had an engagement ring that she gave to her fiancé to propose to her with.

Her grandma really wanted her ring to remain in their family, and her grandma also adored her fiancé.

Her grandma and her fiancé kept this a secret from her, so when her fiancé got down on one knee, she was floored to see that he was proposing with her grandma’s own special ring.

It was such a special moment for her, and their wedding date was set for February 12th of 2022.

Sadly, her grandma passed away, and then her fiancé passed away too on November 21st of last year due to complications with epilepsy.

“I still wear the ring and am not ready to give it up, I plan to always keep it to remember both my grandmother and the man I had been ready to spend my life with,” she explained.

“My brother recently reached out, however, asking for the ring as he wants to propose to his girlfriend, and he said, and I quote, that I’m not “using it” now. I was upset by this and told him that I wasn’t giving him the ring, but he believes I’m being unreasonable.”

Their mom and dad both are firmly on her brother’s side, and her parents have attempted for the last year to get her to fork over the ring to her brother.

Her parents believe that her relinquishing the ring will mean it can be utilized for something positive and happy and that her brother can make better memories with the ring.

Tim – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual ring

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