Her Friend Dumped Her Dog At Her House Then Ghosted Her, So She Took The Dog To A Shelter

pascalkphoto - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual dog

A 35-year-old woman has a 32-year-old friend, and recently, this friend of hers wanted to know if she could watch her Poodle.

Her friend was planning to go on vacation with her husband for 2 weeks, and she said yes to dog-sitting for her friend.

Now, things with this friend have not always been smooth sailing, but her friend gave her money upfront to dog-sit, and since her house is pretty large, she figured it wouldn’t be a problem.

Also, she’s a dog lover, and she does have her own Golden named Dorado. Well, as soon as her friend’s Poodle arrived at her house, things got bad quickly.

She instantly hated her friend’s dog, and for some pretty good reasons. Her friend’s Poodle peed all over the house, destroyed things, and even got into arguments with her dog Dorado.

Her friend’s Poodle also would not eat his food and beg while she ate, and the worst part was this dog pooped right on her bed.

“After 2 weeks, I called my friend, expecting her to be back in town and come get her little monster back,” she explained.

“She never answered; no text, no social media, nothing. After trying to reach her on Instagram, I got BLOCKED. I waited, waited for her to appear in front of my door, but that never happened. I called her husband, who also ghosted me.”

“After 10 days of being ghosted, I had enough, went to a shelter, and dropped the dog there. They won’t accept pet dogs into the shelter, so I said it was a stray dog.”

pascalkphoto – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual dog

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