Her Husband Ditched Her To Hang Out With His Family For His Birthday, So She Ate His Entire Birthday Cake Out Of Spite

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This woman admits that she really does not get along well with her husband’s family at all, and she absolutely can’t stand her in-laws.

She’s never in an ok place with them, so lately, she’s made a promise to herself to spend zero time with them.

She doesn’t expect her husband to do the same; she doesn’t care if he spends time with his family, and he’s free to do that whenever he pleases, but for her, she refuses to go to any events or holidays that include them.

She skipped out on spending Thanksgiving with her in-laws this year, and she’s also not going to be spending Christmas with them either.

Just a couple of days ago, her husband turned 30, and she had made plans to celebrate his birthday.

She even purchased a nice cake for him and bought him a birthday present, but then he told her that he would rather spend his birthday with his family.

His family does throw elaborate parties, and that’s clearly why he wanted to go instead of staying home with her.

She and her husband got into a disagreement over where he should spend his birthday, and eventually, her husband said that he still was going to see his family, but when he was done, they could spend time at home eating cake together.

“After he left, I felt so terrible,” she explained. “I called him, but he turned his phone off. I was so mad I took the cake and brought it to the living room and started eating from it. I ate the whole thing, not saving him a single piece (guess I was so angry, and it made me hungry).”

Pixel-Shot – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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