Her Husband Sadly Passed Away, But Left Her Gifts To Open For The Next Year, And When Her Brother-In-Law’s Kid Opened Them All Up, She Asked Them To Move Out Of Her House

zinkevych - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

A woman’s 36-year-old husband named Adam sadly passed away one month ago after being diagnosed with terminal lung cancer.

Since then, she has continued to live in the house that he was the sole owner of, but a week ago, Adam’s brother wound up losing his job and moved in along with his children.

“I got to admit I wasn’t too pleased to have him move in with me, but I had no choice after I got talked into it by family, and since we had the chance to help each other grieve,” she explained.

“Here’s the situation; he started randomly walking into the bedroom and excusing it as “needing to borrow” something from Adam’s closet.”

“He wears his clothes and even started using his stuff (razor, laptop, etc.) he also got his hands on his piano, which to me felt disrespectful because…Adam wouldn’t want it touched or moved.”

Although she has attempted to create rules with her brother-in-law around what he is allowed to touch and what he’s not allowed to touch, every single time she has brought this up, he just asks her if Adam would have wanted her to do this to him.

This obviously left her feeling disappointed every time, and she thought about kicking him out of her house but never did it.

Well, that all changed yesterday when her brother-in-law’s kids ruined a surprise that Adam had left behind for her.

“Now, the current conflict, I finally brought myself to open Adam’s closet and found a box full of wrapped gifts,” she said.

zinkevych – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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