Her Mother And Stepsister Blatantly Lied To Her Niece About How Close Of An Aunt-Niece Relationship They Had, But After The Truth Recently Came Out, They Are Now Expecting Her To Help Fix The Situation

Andrey Kiselev - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

When this young woman was fifteen years old, her stepsister– who was nineteen at the time– had a baby. Her stepsister was still living at home and did not know who the father of her daughter was, though.

So, her mother and stepsister ultimately decided that she would be the one who babysat her niece every day after school until other family members arrived home.

This ended up being the system at home for three years until she turned eighteen and moved out of her mother and stepfather’s house.

Then, she moved in with her brother, who was the same age as her stepsister, since she and her stepsister never had a great relationship.

“My stepsister and I were never sisters. We never called each other family or had a relationship built on anything,” she explained.

“So, I never regarded her daughter as my niece, and I never planned to be an overly involved figure.”

And she stuck to that sentiment– because ever since she moved out, she has only seen her niece three times over the past six years.

She simply just never had a strong familial attachment to her niece, and honestly, she never considered her niece to be her own.

It recently came out, though, that during those years of absence, her mother and stepsister basically lied to her niece about their relationship.

Andrey Kiselev – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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