Her Parents Helped Her Buy A Townhouse And Stipulated That No One Was Allowed To Move In Or Stay There When She Wasn’t Home, But Her Boyfriend Just Does Not Understand The Rule

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This woman recently accomplished one of the largest milestones in her life– she purchased her first townhouse.

However, buying any kind of home– whether that be a house, condo, or townhouse– is no easy feat for someone to do all by themselves.

So, she was lucky enough that her parents were willing to assist her with the down payment. After her parents financially contributed, though, they did lay out some guidelines that they expected her to abide by.

One of her parents’ requests was that no one moves into the house with her. Moreover, no one should be allowed to hang out at her townhouse while she is not home.

And even though some young adults might have found an issue with these two requests, she actually entirely understood her parents’ perspective.

“I feel like these are completely fair requests and things that I would actually agree with even if I didn’t owe my parents money,” she revealed.

Aside from her own view of the rule, though, the townhouse– and no one being allowed to move in– has recently presented her romantic relationship with a unique issue.

For context, she has a boyfriend who she has been dating for two years. And over the two years, she and her boyfriend have gotten quite serious– even though their relationship has been on the rocks lately due to a separate issue, according to her.

Anyway, her boyfriend usually spends about three nights a week at her townhouse. And just a few nights ago, she asked her boyfriend if he wanted to sleep over again.

LStockStudio – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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